Work culture, customer relationship and recession

Work culture, customer relationship and recession

“The business is down for some time after the new government policies” – this has been listened or spoken for some time by you. But is it really down because of the policies only? Or actually need to look at some things like:

Do we welcome our clients with a smile? For which, no cost needed!

The client gets the first impact by the smile, then he would like to take something from you for sure. A first smile gives a positive vibe to the client, which start communication with a smooth drive, even the client is having a negative vibe or complaint in mind.

Say Hello!! & Offer a seat

When it comes to Indian business culture, this is rare to find. Even though the Indian culture says Atithi Devo Bhavah(Consider the client as the God), it is tough to find a good welcome at an Indian office. It could be a travel agency, equipment firm, shop or even a software company. Most of the places, the customer is not getting a greet, rather than a grudge from the person on the table or reception. It doesn’t cost you anything to greet standing up or even sitting down. It would be tough to believe that lots of Indian companies do not offer (or have) a seat for the customer. Most of the time, a tired person just keep waiting and feeling irritated while talking. It becomes a painful memory of the name of the company.

The ‘tone’

One of the most irritating things found in the Indian businessmen and sales officials. Most of the time it is not positive. It has also seen that the person from the sales side is having the limitation from their side, but they still talk to a tone which implements that the customer has done something wrong.

Listen and Understand

To a client, it is tough to get something what they actually want. Whenever someone comes to you, do you actually LISTEN to what they want? It happens often that the client gets something different than their requirements and then have a tiny feeling of being cheated.

Show the range

A smart practice, which is not being done by several sales professionals. They do not try to check the other requirements of the client which are already available to them in their wide range and which is already an opportunity for them. Often, you keep going to find a new lead and lost the ones which are already there for you.

Arrange the unavailable product

It happens to all that the product asked by the customer is not in stock at the time. Now the attitude of the seller defines how much the customer is valuable for them. To not take it seriously and not making efforts for them, gives the customer the feeling of being NEGLECTED. This is the last thing the client would think about and it is the biggest insult. That makes the customer think that the person or the organization is not serious enough.

If worked on the things, the things can be made in such a way you won’t have to say every now and then “The market is down, policies are not good by the government”

Inspired from the thoughts by #MurtazaPatel

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    Andalucia Kuzelj

    I totally agree. Your smile and greeting as a business owner is the customer’s FIRST IMPRESSION. Remember, first impressions LAST! Personally I have experienced exactly that the sales staff does not give attention to your needs but will push products to make target. Seating is very important especially for the aged and expectant mothers. Customer is not KING! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KING!

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